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A lot of people devise an itinerary that’ll take them to the three big hitters in Japan tourism: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.And while those cities are undoubtedly most popular for a reason, I found myself really enjoying the lesser-known spots just as much.Wandering around the town of Yamanouchi in freshly-fallen snow was a wonderful experience, Takayama was the perfect place to learn about traditional Japanese architecture, and beautiful Miyajima Island was the most relaxing stop on my trip.Even if you don’t have a huge amount of time in Japan, I’d still recommend jumping on a day trip or two to explore outside of the huge cities.Shinjuku station — the busiest — sees 3.6 million people transiting through it .I can’t even comprehend that many people passing through a single building, let alone every day!

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During my next visit to Japan, I’d like to get further away from the beaten track and explore a bunch of places I haven’t even heard of right now.If our route required us to change stations, we simply could not buy the right ticket. Even when we were convinced we finally understood where we were going, our ticket would invariably fail in the machines when we went to change lines and we’d need to find help from a member of staff.It’s probably no great surprise that Dave and I ended up walking around Tokyo for most of our time there and only used the subway three times.My posts about Japan have quickly become my most-read of all time and I’m now starting to receive a hell of a lot of questions about how to make the most of a trip to this wonderful country. I planned on barely sleeping during my trip, because I thought there’d be so much unfamiliarity to absorb. My preconceived notions of Japan were based on bad stereotypes that have been perpetuated by Western society and I felt like a dumbass for buying into them.I’m diving back into my time in , then, and planning on sharing a ton of resources over the next couple of weeks. These are my favourite type of blog posts to write — you can browse my growing collection of them here — as they allow me to blend a detailed travel guide with random observations, fun stories, and first impressions. Does that photo make you feel like having a panic attack and hiding away from the world? Most people kick off their Japan adventure in Tokyo or Osaka, both of which are large cities full of bright lights, flashing signs, loud noises, unfamiliar smells, crowds of people, and plenty of chaos. Japan was no more “weird” than any other country I’ve been to. talking about the incredible meals I devoured in Japan!

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