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Kylie he’s known for years, since he and Gavin & Stacey co-star James Corden presented the Brit Awards with her in 2009.The same year she appeared in their BBC3 sketch show Horne & Corden.“The kids are keeping the energy up but they do make me feel like an old man,” says Horne, who plays headmaster Fraser.Filming is in a studio in Wimbledon, in contrast to the first series.“I don’t have any desire to be a stand-up any more,” he insists.Horne and fellow graduate Bruce Mc Kinnon toured as a double act for three years and played Nottingham’s Just The Tonic when it was based at the Old Vic in Fletcher Gate.

The likes of Anna Friel, Matt Smith, Idris Elba, Johnny Vegas, Kathy Burke, Suranne Jones, and Vanessa Redgrave are appearing throughout the ten-week run, which begins on Thursday with Hey Diddly Dee.

“And because we’ve worked together quite a bit, she trusts my judgment. “I think something like this is good for her because she can spend a few days not being Kylie. When I’m watching her on set, she’s very low key, she’s no bother, she’ll get involved, she’s mucking in...

She’s part of a team of people making something together, mucking in and getting on with it. and I think she likes it not being all about Kylie Minogue.” This week he’s been filming a second series of BBC3 comedy Bad Education, with star and co-writer Jack Whitehall.

The pair do socialise when time allows it and he will go and see her in concert, even though he’s more a fan of indie guitar bands.

“She gets me over to Paris and places to see her shows.

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