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Foods from a processing plant must be held at 41 F or below and marked at the time their original container is opened.

Additionally, the day or date marked by the food facility cannot exceed the manufacturer’s use-by date IF the manufacturers use-by date is based on food safety rather than just food quality.

Since it will grow at below 41F, the main measure to keep Listeria under control is TIME, not temperature.

If foods are mishandled, foodborne bacteria can grow and cause foodborne illness — before or after the date on the package.

If you haven't received an upgrade notification, use Malwarebytes for Windows' settings to check for updates.

If you're experiencing an issue with Malwarebytes for Windows, you can use the Malwarebytes Support Tool to help troubleshoot the issue, create logs, and open a ticket with the Malwarebytes Support team.

To see which upgrades have been released, refer to the Malwarebytes for Windows Release History.

Listeriosis (the disease) can be a very serious infection to any immune compromised persons (elderly, pregnant women, children, or infants) and can cause fatalities.

Potentially harmful bacteria are destroyed in the pasteurization process.

They can’t spontaneously regenerate, so old milk stored in the fridge doesn’t present an increased risk of foodborne illness.

Before you use the Support Tool, verify your computer is connected to the Internet or see how to Upload Malwarebytes Support Tool logs manually.

You design your date mark system in your written food safety HACCP plan, so it’s clear to employees and the regulatory authority.

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