Lily and oliver dating

Getting married would probably the dumbest thing we could ever do, right Jake? (starts writing) "Dear Tiffany, never make the mistake of marrying too young. You know barely more than children, practically babies. The whole world's about to learn a secret not even Lilly knows... Hannah Montana's performing live, but during her first ever encore only one face in the crowd matters, the one to help her make it through. As things turn playful, Miley and Oliver prove to be more of a distraction to each other than a help. When Jackson blackmails Miley into washing his car, Oliver comes to help.Lilly: Yeah, yeah, I'm shakin' in my boots, speakin' of which, I can't wait to wear these tomorrow at the Mack & Mickey in the Morning Show. Hannah Montana and her peeps who keep her grounded. Miley: [She is driving her car and listening to one of her songs, and singing along] Sometimes I like to rub government just to get my license to drive a car, and now I'm on my way to the party to see Amber and rub her face in and na na na, [she gets pulled over] good! [Miley and Oliver stand up, and exchange seats]Robbie Ray: [to Hannah] Maybe it's not too late to drive to Capacitated. But don't worry, I'll be home in a couple of hours. and help yourself to daddy's private stash of Fudgey Buddies.[Jackson shows his hand face and says] Please let Jackson go to the party, or I'll be his only friend, and that would be sad, and weird. Are we gonna spend the entire weekend waiting to see if [to Miley] you got the part, or if [to Oliver] you got the gig? Love always, Hannah" (gives the program and pen back) Here you go sweetie. I'm a little bit attracted to him but I can control it because I'm not going to let this ruin what I have with Jake. We have way too much history to throw it all away on some intense, brooding, passionate, (starts smiling and daydreaming) strong, yet sensitive guy-Oliver: Lilly I'm so sorry I've been such a jerk.

It looks like it’s also Miley Cyrus’ growth being charted, in a way, because this is what really catapulted her into the Hollywood spotlight.

So never let one impulsive decision haunt you until the day you die!

Survey shows that teen marriages are more likely to end in the tragedy of divorce!

"Hannah Montana" taught us a lot about life, from how to craft the perfect secret identity (all you need is a wig! But perhaps the show's most invaluable life lesson was how to be a great friend. Even at their most vulnerable moments, Miley and Lilly could always count on each other.

Enter the hysterical journal entries of Smoken Oliver Oken as he deals with a cynical psychiatrist, an ugly creature known as the 'Jerk Rat', and newfound feelings for one of his best friends?

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