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Trade and budget deficits have weakened the bargaining position of the United States in the world marketplace.Conclude the class period by asking the students for their reaction to these speculative statements.

An American car was big enough to accommodate six passengers and was equipped with a powerful engine, an automatic transmission, and electrical conveniences.Both are a part of the regionalizalion concept but each uses a different set of criteria in determining what constitutes a region. Ask them to provide a rationale for the waj they structured their maps and to explain how the maps relate to the Warf essay. Organize the class into small groups of three or four each.At the conclusion of the sharing process, collect the maps for evaluation. The task of each group is to develop a new title that is both descriptive and dramatic, something that would be attractive to the popular press." (Sharma) • Section 5, "Voices from the South," contains: (1) "Ciudades Primadas y Regiones en la America Latina" (Elbow); (2) "Buenos Aires: Poblacion, Desarrollo y Future" (Barros) ; and (3) "Los Andes y el Regionalismo en el Ecuador" (Guillen), Contains a selected bibliography and a list of contributors . In addition, primary economic activity has also influenced regional identification, such as agriculture in tlie Great Plains, fishing and ship building in New England, and trade and manufacturing in the Middle Atlantic region. World Economy With that as background, explain that regions tend to change and that they do so for a variety of reasons, but mostly because the ways people perceive and use them change.(EH) Vc Vf Vf Vc Vc Vc Vc -': Vc V: Vc Vc Vc Vr Vc it Vc ? Remind students that when Columbus encountered the Western Hemisphere, dramatic changes in physical and cultural environments on both sides of the Atlantic resulted.

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