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If you read through enough of them, eventually almost everything in the world gets listed as a turn off.

Needy people often have anxious attachment styles/types.Here's what I HOPE should be the take away from this.A huge part, from what I can tell, about why dating is so tough (multitude of reasons) is because people have very little legitimate introspection about their own negative traits.And you know when you're doing this (most people have done this at some point.) Trying to inject jealousy into the relationship makes you look like a spoiled and immature child. Too much make up / lack of hygiene - I think it goes without saying that personal hygiene is important and how you look does matter. I don't know what the hell you guys are doing but apparently a lot of you don't shower, use deodorant, and brush your teeth a lot. Dudes complained that women often showed up looking like they were headed to a clown convention rather than a date.Newsflash ladies; we are fine with a slight amount of make up and a somewhat more natural look and often even prefer it.

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