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It was nonetheless, a relief to everyone when it later emerged that Billy has renewed his contract with GH.Fans were evidently happy that Miller will stay on as Jason Morgan.Second row, Coach Tony Garuba, Jill Garuba, Tamara Slusser, Maura Biscotto, Jody Vasil, Ann Cebula, Jennifer Yanushkavich, Coach Armonde Casagrande. - 1948 – 71 YEARS AGO It wasn’t really stealing, after all what kid wouldn’t want to catch a foul or home run ball at a baseball game and keep it for his own? The league hired youngsters to “chase balls” at an extra expense but found that “big fellows” refused to return them.With the playoffs at hand, league managers were asking for cooperation from those attending games, asking them to throw balls back into play.The River Street project was deemed too expensive by the WPA because the section was built on solid rock which prohibited the laying of sewage lines and prevented drainage of surface water.The WPA, an American New Deal Agency was established by executive order on May 6, 1935, employed millions of unemployed unskilled men to carry out public works projects. Hopes that the Champ Brewery on North Main and New Streets would re-open were dashed as those who acquired the company began dismantling the equipment for shipment to South America.The Bow Clinic, playing for the Dupont Athletic Association, won the first Lackawanna Valley League Jr., ASA Softball championship for girls 16 and under by defeating Alora Room from Carbondale.From left, first row, are Amy Casagrande, Michelle Falzone, Alyson Wruble, Diana Marsh, Krista Duzen, Nicole Tieso, Ryanne Shotwell. Baseball League found itself in a pickle because the loss of balls at each game was running the league into a deficit.

Billy Miller was born as William John Billy Miller on the 17th day of September 1979.

But Kelly during an interview specified that there are no romantic affairs going on between her and Billy. (is) a little more intimate than it is.“Billy has become a very good friend.

She reportedly said:“Billy and I were hanging out with a bunch of friends. I’m one of the only single people on the show and so is Billy.

Fifty-five Pittston residents living along River Street and Upper William Street petitioned city council members to make permanent improvements on the two streets by installing sewers and rectifying surface water drainage.

It was noted the project was deemed too expensive in the days of the WPA, the government funded Work Progress Administration, so the council had no other option but to transfer the burden of paying for the improvements to those residents living on the streets based on the amount of frontage.

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