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He received a degree in biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego.Eric Wilkinson went on to found several biotechnology companies, which allowed him to retire at the age of 48.A source said she was trying to be strong throughout the scandal but would cry "every day." "I messed up," Baskett told . And everything through me brought pain upon this family." After the incident, the couple focused on rebuilding the relationship.

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Just days before, I was picking her up off the floor, and now she can’t even tell me that she’s going to see her father, who left us — not to mention that she went with a guy who just cheated on her with a tranny. I would have never had the courage and the strength to go to my dad.

During that time, Wilkinson even reconnected with a man from her past, reported .

She admitted that she still had feelings for him, but she reassured Baskett that "nothing ever happened physically, or nothing even crossed the line." To most people, taking the time to be technically single while still being legally married sounds like a recipe for even more trust issues. I'd lock myself in my closet to cry and scream." The reality star even attempted to end her own life twice.

Over the years, Kendra says her mother hasn’t painted the best picture of her father since her dad has been absent from her life.

Kendra didn’t ask for permission or speak to her mother about contacting her father before she did and Patti was very hurt when she found out.

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