Justification for updating clearquest feature level

The build may fail with "the system or user abend S047 R=NULL was issued." Fix: Clear Case Mainframe Connector APF mode was corrected.

Problem: Clear Case trigger context isn't always clear.

Fix: Root cause was due to a new undocumented feature (Intelli Sense support) added by Microsoft in VS. Problem: DOCUMENTATION SHOULD INCLUDE THAT A DATABASE SCHEMA 12 CC VIEW CANNOT BE USED ON 8.0.1.

X Fix: Added "New view database schema" section to the "what's new" document for Clear Case 9.0. uid=swg21972269 Problem: On Windows Server 2008R2 the installer was incorrectly warning the user that the operating system was not supported.

Fix: Preop triggers on reqmaster will now fire during synchronous request for mastership checkouts and mkelems, and will allow the User to block requests for mastership during those operations.

Under high transaction loads, Windows Clear Case servers are disproportionately impacted by file lock contention on vista.* files.

Problem: Clear Case reop triggers do not block the request for mastership in synchronous request for mastership checkouts and mkelems.Problem: A new Clear Case UCM activity is not selected when created during checkout/add to source control in ctexplorer Fix: Previously checkout/add to source control dialogs drop down was not registered for refresh when an activity gets created. Problem: Sending Multisite packets from fully-64-bit hosts fails with "no more memory available" errors.Fix: This problem was caused by using an unititialized u_long in the call getsockopt() rather than an int.Fix: CAL was fixed to properly report "owner" and "group" values without corrupting memory.Problem: rcleartool lsproject was requiring a "project:" selector prefix when it should not have been needed.

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