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When Rick pushes Terri against a wall later in the episode, she breaks up with him.In Don't Dream It's Over, Terri and Rick are partnered up in a trust game in Drama Class.Terri and Rick began their relationship in Whisper to a Scream and broke up in Don't Dream It's Over when Rick pushed Terri to the ground, making her fall onto a cinder block, and putting her into a coma.

Terri admits she's shy too, and they walk out of school together, a newly formed couple.

In Jagged Little Pill, Jimmy and Hazel attend Ashley's party.

Hazel watches Ashley and Jimmy break up, and then leaves, thinking that it was a waste of time.

Hazel broke up with him in their senior year when she felt he was developing feelings for Ellie Nash.

Hazel went on to graduate with their class, while Jimmy was held back at Degrassi Community School for another year.

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