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I have a rather tentative affair with poetry; most of the time, especially with large-scale, ep Every time I dive into a poetry bundle, I tend to read it as you would a regular novel: from back to back. I happened upon this special edition (leathery touch) and couldn't resist a purchase.

I have a rather tentative affair with poetry; most of the time, especially with large-scale, epic poems, I feel as though the literary works fly right over my head. Rather than focusing on mythology, she takes aspects from everyday life and vividly describes it in a myriad of perspectives, often personifying natural elements.

Could themself have peeped-And seen my Brain-go round-They might as wise have lodged a Bird For Treason-in the Pound-Himself has but to will And easy as a Star Abolish his Captivity-And laugh-No more have I-I tried very hard to appreciate Emily Dickinson, in fact I read this collection of her poetry twice, but most of her poetry left me cold.

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I'm actually kind of hesitant to read more of her because I think I'm not ready yet..power is exhausting and exhaustive..."I found the words to every thought I ever had - but One -And that - defies Me -As a Hand did try to chalk the Sun To Races - nurtured in the Dark -How would your Own - begin?Over one hundred of her best poems are collected here.Sweet skepticism of the Heart-That knows - and does not know- Sometimes there is only one place to go: within, where the mind and body communicate poetically.I would definitely recommend picking up this book if you are interested in reading works by Emily Dickinson.Sometimes I just want to sit down and read a classic without any strings attached. All the poems of Emily Dickinson have been sitting on a shelf in my living room for over a year.

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