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Whether you're a fan of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather or simply from his latest solo outing this gig was catered for you.Songs and arrangements of well loved classics were reinterpreted and played loud, fast and full on from the opener 'Dead Leaves on The Dirty Ground' to 'Blue Blood Blues' which showed his new all girl backing group showing their chops and proving once again the Prince ideal that a band full of guys is great but if you can find a group of girls that play just as good as the guys, always go with the girls, as it looks ten times cooler and sexier.That day, White says, he recorded three songs, including a shit-kicking homage to James Booker called “Trash Tongue Talker”, and embarked on a trajectory that culminates this month with the release of his first solo album, the rich, nuanced and thoroughly entertaining Blunderbuss. v=e TW6y Knm O08 “With The White Stripes, I wanted to have a new blues,” he says.“‘Seven Nation Army’ has become a soccer chant to some people, but to me it’s a blues song, a struggle of one person against the world.Jack White has always been a dynamite live act so figuratively speaking there were no doubts that last night's opener gig at the HMV Forum was always going to be great, from the moment the date was set.White was in London promoting his debut solo album (released on the 23/04/12) and although he had announced that he would be including music from all of his previous bands I don't think the fans could have comprehended how jam packed it was going to be, with smile inducing fist pumping greasy rock and roll from all of his previous incarnations.Sometime last July, White thinks, he was waiting at Third Man to produce a couple of tracks for the RZA.

I consider all of it to be the blues, but I’m trying to present it in a way that shakes it up for me and the listener.” It would be easy to envisage Blunderbuss – the 11th album of White’s mature career, after six with Meg White in The White Stripes, two fronting The Raconteurs alongside Brendan Benson, and two playing mostly drums in The Dead Weather – as the point where much of the subterfuge stops, and something akin to a real Jack White emerges. The enigmatic strategies and outlandish concepts remain just as critical to his appeal as the songs and virtuosity.And all of that stuff was no different from Charley Patton playing between his legs at juke joints, or Tommy Johnson playing behind his head.What some people call a gimmick, others will call art.” It is March 2, and Jack White is in a Manhattan hotel chosen, perhaps, because its pale blue colour scheme matches the palette of Blunderbuss.The charming game of hide-and-seek is, it seems, still on.“We can talk about the intensity of Jimi Hendrix’s playing, and how unbelievable it is,” he says.

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