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His monologues don't really follow the whole joke then punchline mold that the other late night hosts follow.

His interviews aren't 100% scripted and he engages the celebs like a human and less like a reporter.

For accessories, the actress complemented her ensemble with a silver clutch and silver bow sandals.

I'm sure there's a website somewhere that actually confirms this, but if you watch the show enough you realize that his jokes in the cold open are almost never referenced in the monologue (and when what he talks about in the cold open does match something in the monologue, he's apologizing for whatever he said in the monologue, so the monologue must have already happened in real time).

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After he broke his nose on his daughter's book shelf, he let a couple "f--ks" fly around.Source: I think he mentioned this in a WTF podcast I heard a while back.If you're in So Cal, his show is ridiculously easy to see.Really, I can't buy a hot dog without someone offering me tickets to his show.Totally worth attending a taping, even if you're just in town for a week.

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