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Many people will criticize the commercializing of love like this, but the gift of love can be and should be celebrated in ways to express love, and sometimes it’s not a genuine expression.This is often overlooked, particularly by those who are not able to spend money in this way and by those who don’t have the chance to receive pricey trinkets .Every time I look at this beautiful ring, I feel warm.It draws him close to me, no matter how many miles we are apart. I would never wear a ring of any price from a non-quality man or one I didn’t cherish because I would get no joy from it. If we live long enough, we’re ALL going to get older, and many of us will acquire a few physical, emotional, financial, etc.I will give some of these books away to some of the young bw in my area.provocative essays and penetrating comments as bw, non-black men, and others come together to discuss the currents and nuances in the social scene that have caused the surge in African American women dating and marrying non-African-American men.

It teaches her the types of qualities and traits to look for in any male.

But I repeat: It is very easy–especially at certain socioeconomic levels–to simply splash money on your mate or your children.

I stress this because I encourage broad thinking and looking at things from various perspectives.

It is critical to get out of one’s zone and try hard to get exposure to other zones.

As a person who is heavily steeped in comparative cultures and evolutionary psychology, it is scary to read and listen to those who can only view situations from ONE perspective.

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