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Half of Reform Jews marry Jews, compared with nearly three-quarters of Conservative Jews and 98 percent of Orthodox Jews.

And here’s the weightiest of Pew’s statistics for those wary of intermarriage: While 96 percent of Jews married to Jews are raising their children in the Jewish faith, just 20 percent of Jews married to non-Jews are.

More than 72,000 Jews live in intermarried households in Canada, including 15,490 children, more than half of whom are being raised without any religious affiliation." I am a Jewish woman in her mid-thirties, who for various reasons chose not to get married as the stereotypical 26-year-old as the majority of my peers did so conveniently many within weeks of each other.

I wanted more in my 20s; I wanted graduate degrees, I wanted a career, professional notoriety, and for a while achieved the influence, I wanted.

“Then it became just who we are,” Jacobs continued.

“Our emphasis has always to be on opening those doors, not wagging our fingers but opening our arms.” Not only in moral terms, but in practical terms, the Reform movement reasons that non-Jewish spouses must be embraced because they can be valued members of the community and partners with their spouses in raising Jewish children.

In Canada, the community likes to believe the rate is lower than their American counterparts, but not really.

According to the Jewish Federations of Canada - UIA's 2011 National Household Survey, "The intermarriage rate for couples under 30 years of age is 43 percent.

In various corners of the Conservative community, it appears as if some are mulling — for better or worse — a loosening of the rules that govern dating and marriage.

But there is an opposite line of reasoning: Make it easy for people to intermarry, and they will.

According to the Pew Research Center’s 2013 study of American Jews, the more traditional the movement, the more likely its members to marry other Jews.

As he put it, an increasing number of Jews are recognizing that “intermarriage is a fact of life, as gravity is.” In the 1970s, when large numbers of American Jews began choosing non-Jewish partners, the Reform movement’s Central Conference of American Rabbis maintained its official opposition to intermarriage but decided to allow its rabbis to choose for themselves whether to preside at such weddings.

That change did not sit well with many, even within Reform Judaism.

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