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The two were enjoying their time together in a cafe.

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I can barely keep up with all the comebacks and new releases and shit from kpop, idk how people have time and energy to be upset that oppa has a girlfriend.Woolim's statement said that they "didn’t truthfully acknowledge the news in an attempt to protect our artists" - so yeah, to them they're probably just 'protecting their image'.I'm trying to care about this on some level (at least enough to be outraged at the behavior of k-Inspirits or something) but I just do not give a fuck.Although I do have a theory that any fans acting out were just pressed Myungyeol shippers who were emotionally distraught over their OTP sinking. ;_; (Haha, I kid.) Agree though, why is it that people just can't enjoy the music that they put out and the shows they appear on? I think her hiding this until now just made things so much worse, for her and for INFINITE in general, particularly L.Not only did she bring some unnecessary attention upon herself, but she's making L look very, very bad in the face of K-netizens.

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