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In the future, the ENC will be part of a product specification family which is based on the "IHO Universal Hydrographic Data Model", known as S-100.The product specification number S-101 has been assigned to the ENC.grounded on the Varne Bank in the Dover Strait in the early morning darkness of 18 September 2013.

The entry-level system from Transas, ECDIS Standard meets all IMO and SOLAS regulations IEC 61115 (ed.4.0) and the new IHO standards.The two most widely used types of electronic chart data are listed below.ENCs are vector charts that conform to the requirements for the chart databases for ECDIS, with standardized content, structure and format, issued for use with ECDIS on the authority of government authorized hydrographic offices.1.2 ECDIS with adequate back-up arrangements may be accepted as complying with the up-to-date charts required by regulation V/20 of the 1974 SOLAS Convention.1.3 In addition to the general requirements for shipborne radio equipment forming part of the global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS) and the requirements for electronic navigational aids contained in IMO resolution A.694(17) *, ECDIS should meet the requirements of this performance standard.

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