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., ill TIIE ORGAN OF BRITISH JEWRY- ESTABLISH ED 1841 Friday, June 11, 1971 Sivan 18, 5731 7’a new jicnce to apologise From our C«xi; i Jobes Dr J. , Minister, has been urged: J Eliemio Malim, a leading t' Parly MP, lo repmlb!? Her speech came only a few hours after had revealed that President Sadat had told the Egyptian Army kready for battle before the end of the year, k u reported to have offered un - Won ot the ceasefire for a fur- helve months but warned that fldld not partially, withdraw occupied Sinai in the first ont&j and completely by the i sis months Egypt would the right to liberate the ter- ling President Sadat’s con- for the canal opening, Mrs jra SBTOi.

~c alely and fully" tli« liw Jews by one of his unite The attack, made in tie ti. Leo (and repaid* JKWISH CHRONICLE las Utdi that Jews, Hindus and t*£ " have the devil as their (i!

Following the search of a Mos¬ cow-hound train at Kiev by the KGB lust week, eight Jews carry¬ ing a pa Lit ion protesting against the authorities’ refusal to giant some of them visas for Israel were arrested.

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'J The board hns pw»3 ns undesirable any which “ brings any inhabit aula of the ridicule or contempt Military p M From our Ctfjj Girl soldiers to Army are being pill by health and hygjg*»gj was stated by : h ster, Mr Moshe Knesset.

Israeli sources arc reticent, but it is likely that the Italian firm operating the Abu Rodeis oilfield since before the 1067 Six-Day War jun^ oolallcd the Egytiun Govern- ° re TO wells in the oil Held and a further 20 off-shore.

Israel has not interfered with the operations by the legitim: to Ik* u 0W 2 01, and U ,s believed that the firm continues to pav ment ° S l ° * he Esyp,lan Govern- Guard accused of child murder From our Correspondent Dusseldorf r i’huz Sividcrskl was accused of benting to death 18 children be- chuxo they could not work any more when his trial opened hero on Tuesday on charges of the war¬ time murder of many Jews at ireblinka concentration camp in Poland. 1 and seven years, respectively), on the ground that the charge of treason made against them had not been proved.

The American State Department has (lescrlbc-d the current trials of Soviet Jews ns " abhorrent ” and “ n violation of fundamental human rights." The department said the United States was deeply con¬ cerned over Moscow’s practice of trying people in secret.

The world-wide protests against the trials continue.

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