Ideas to celebrate 1 year anniversary of dating

Your spouse is likely feeling the same way, so you shouldn’t worry that you will end up with an item that costs a lot less.Focus your attention on saving up for the big milestones, and in-between feel free to spend less and simply enjoy your time together!Anniversaries are unique occasions, as it is all about you and your partner. You may also be looking to find a present for a few special people in your life, instead of for your own significant other.They may have just gotten engaged or are newlyweds.

The right gift can bring the biggest smile to your partner’s face and make them feel truly loved and appreciated.While you may splurge a bit for your first anniversary, then consider dialing things back for your second anniversary and then slowly building up your budget over time. The more time you spend together, the more you spend on anniversary presents!This is a great rule of thumb to follow and will make things a lot easier on you when you start shopping around for something.Try not to ruffle any feathers if your gift is something that goes out in the open.Even though your anniversary is a shared celebration, what you are celebrating is the other person and the joy that they bring to your life.

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