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Fortunately, Daphne didn't pursue it."Another possibility is reciprocation.I could assist you with classes in which I am doing better than you."That idea had potential, but on comparing grades, it turned out that Harry was doing better than Daphne in every class.As the last known living Potter, you should be wealthy.However, you dress poorly and are seldom seen to buy things.My family is poor and I have little spending money but I will give you what I have.""No, Greengrass, I don't want your money.My family would just take anything I had, anyway." Harry wasn't sure what made him blurt out that bitter admission.Harry shook it off and brought himself back to the conversation and the broom closet. She wasn't going to be making a gorgeous girl like Cho jealous.

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That's the evil mirror twin image of what he'd been thinking. Unkindly, Harry thought it was because she had actually walked into some gossip-worthy news instead of having to make stuff up. Because Daphne outweighed her slimmer classmate by at least twenty pounds, the latter went flying. The castle was cold, but even so you wouldn't think she'd walk around in a pair of granny bloomers that were out of style when Mc Gonagall was a student. " Harry slapped his forehead, both in exasperation and to knock the sight loose.

The characters and universe portrayed here are not my invention or my property. If you didn't, maybe you should put down Mommy's computer and go play with some crayons...OOOooo... This indicates ability and willingness to help."Harry was almost offended by "adequately". And I'm not saying I'm already helping anyone else. I'm not that great a student, you know.""Divination."Harry was floored.

Ice Princess"Potter."Harry turned to the voice – female and young; identity unknown – from the alcove, hand on his wand. Yes, the pressure was getting to him and he was getting strung pretty tight. If I don't pass, my father will take me out of school.""OK. But it didn't sound as if Daphne were trying to insult him. Despite his modest noises, he was quite proud of his skills.

You were right the first time: I can't help helping people who need it.""And I have told you that I am likely to need your help for the rest of this school year. I can best keep your interest by being your girlfriend, in particular through regular sexual activity."Harry was still uneasy about Daphne's plainly stated plans.

He was very embarrassed to be talking about sex at all, and especially with a girl.

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