Hofner beatle bass dating

In terms of other musicians who are associated with this classic instrument though, it can be heard most recently and to magnificent effect on the two ‘Tame Impala’ albums, .

Any special history or story behind this instrument or the company who made it? At this stage, it’s something I’ve been using exclusively in my studio.

According to the Höfner article on Wikipedia: Mc Cartney played two left-handed 500/1 basses during most of the group’s career – a 1961 model with pickups mounted close together towards the neck, and a 1963 model, with the second pickup mounted closer to the bridge.

Mc Cartney used the 1961 bass until the recording of in late 1963 when he obtained his second 500/1.

Thanks to Paul Mc Cartney and the Beatles, the Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass shot to stardom and has since become a legendary instrument -- it's even been called the "Beatles Bass." First produced in the late '50s by the German company Hofner and then distributed to the U.

Click on the underlined heading for each guitar to view photographs of that particular example.

The bass version of the Hofner Club Semi Acoustic guitars (Model 125/126/128). Produced between late 19, but Hofner have recently been marketing a re-issue.

Produced from around 1960 through to 1964 as a single pickup version of Hofner's longer lasting 500/5 model which is described below.

I’d love to be able to say that Sir Paul has played this particular specimen but unfortunately, that’s most unlikely as it’s a right-hander.

Sadly I don’t have any other information about who has graced her slender, woody neck.

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