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State's attorney's staff will still have work to do. And Foxx said an untold number of records dating back decades are still on paper, requiring data entry."From a social cost, the ability for people who we want to be taxpaying citizens to be able to find employment and housing and meaningfully contribute to society is really important," Foxx said.Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx speaks at a news conference Tuesday, Aug.27, 2019, in Chicago accompanied by Jennifer Pahlka, Code for America Founder and Executive Director.Illinois is the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana, and as the legalization movement grows, so too does the debate about the damage inflicted by the government's war on drugs, particularly on minority communities that were disproportionately affected.Foxx, who is black, has been vocal about the role prosecutors must play in repairing the harm and she began clearing pot convictions in the spring, before recreational marijuana was signed into law in June."And we'll use those resources (for expungement) and not for dealing with these cases elsewhere throughout the justice system." ___ Follow Political Writer John O'Connor: ___ This story has been corrected to reflect that state regulators and the governor are not involved in the Cook County process.

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"It is prosecutors who have to be at the table to ensure that we're righting the wrongs of the past," Foxx said.

"Conviction relief is not only a critical part of righting the wrongs on the war on drugs, it is a recommitment and a statement of our values, that a low-level marijuana conviction does not mean that someone is a threat to public safety." In Illinois, about 770,000 arrests and convictions, representing about 314,000 people, must be automatically expunged.

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