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For this reason, it is important that you, and any admins or collaborators with edit rights on your account, never attempt to publish residential properties to Google Street View.

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Google cars will be circumnavigating the streets and roads of Bulgaria by the end of the summer to capture the changes, this time including footage taken by pedestrians, the so-called trackers, in the app, the company said.The stunning views of the Rila Lakes and Belogradchik Rocks, historic monuments such as the Ancient Theater of Plovdiv and the Tsarevets Fortress, iconic buildings such as the Ivan Vazov National Theater and the Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv are just a few of the landmarks already included in Google Maps.Walking through the sea garden of Burgas or to Cape Kaliakra is also one click away for those who want to travel online.However, Matterport is the best solution for large and complex places because it is easy to scan and automates the otherwise time-consuming process of capturing and connecting individual 360˚ panoramas. “See Inside” was the name of an older Google program that differentiated interior tours and car-based captures.Now the entire program is called Street View, even if the location is inside a building. Content that is published through the Street View API does not go through the same face or license plate blurring algorithms as Google Street View on roads.

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