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Visit Stack Exchange When I use Google Maps it sets my Google Latitude location, but once I turn Maps off it stops.I'd like it to update with my location on a regular basis.I've tested this feature out and can confirm the battery level is accurate—it's exactly the battery percentage on your friend's phone when their location was last updated.This just happens automatically, and there doesn't appear to be any way to turn it off when sharing your location.We first became aware of the battery sharing feature early this year when some hints popped up in an APK Teardown.At the time, it looked like Google was going to give approximate battery levels in plain language—e.g.Google has gone through several versions of location sharing over the years, all the way back to Google Latitude.That feature was inside Maps, but then location sharing moved to Google .

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While Google Latitude i Phone app may be new, Latitude is one year old and is reportedly to have over 9 million users.

I would say most of those numbers are being counted because every Android powered phone comes with Google Latitude installed.

I don't want to drain the battery by always using the GPS, but it'd be nice if it updated, say, every half hour or so.

Hi everyone, Apologies for not updating this thread specifically sooner.

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