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They don’t want to wonder where your affection lies and have to guess your true feelings.Having a less attractive man means having someone who isn't easily going to drop you for a hotter girl.It brings us back to the idea that less attractive men are more appreciative, and women just want to be adored.

If men can say they want a hot woman, why can’t women say they want a devoted man?We've watched the evolution of our parents' relationships and our favorite celebrity breakups; we've experienced the beginning of our own slow demise.Women finally came to the insightful conclusion that everyone grows old and ugly, so we may as well find a man who loves us when our junk goes bad, and we can’t remember what we looked like at 25. Women need to hear it, see it and understand that we are appreciated.According to the study, published in the Psychological Science Journal, "Men who rated themselves high on attractiveness were more likely to over-perceive women’s interest.The more attractive they actually were to women, however, the more likely they were to under-perceive.”It’s this eery catch-22 that makes women fall for the unattractive man because he acts like an attractive one.

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