Gemini woman dating cancer man sim dating rpg games for boys

It is not easy to trust a Gemini partner, especially if one is trying to take away their freedom.As a rational sign, they usually find no reason to lie or cheat on their partner, for as long as they don’t feel threatened by intimacy they are not ready for, or tied down.The Gemini man Cancer woman compatibility gets a TWO Hearts love rating.In order to make this Gemini Cancer relationship work, the Gemini Man must be willing to compromise most of his tendencies for true love.

There are not too many characteristics about the Cancer Woman that would make having a relationship with worth while to the adventurous Gemini Man.

Read on to know more about the Gemini man Cancer woman love compatibility.

If a Gemini Man is willing to make a strong commitment, which he usually won’t, to a Cancer Woman then there are a few benefits that she has to offer.

He has to be willing to commit his full attention to her if he is truly sure about making this Gemini and Cancer relationship work.

Gemini is an air sign that is mutable and Cancer is a water sign that is cardinal by nature.

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