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I’ve never taken the time to review an app, but having been using this one since its inception it seems apt to give my 2 cents: the inconsistencies, lax monitoring and outright biased moderation of profile images, profile content and underage members is outrageous.

I’ve personally had it at this point, sick of half my messages not getting through and half messages sent to me showing up on notifications but when I open up the app... On this particular day, though, I’m really, really, really incensed by the discriminatory, inconsistent and offensively undeniable practices relating to profile pictures.

Figeac, Lot Je suis un mec sérieux qui veux faire de nouvelles rencontres ..

J'adore la p - ographie et je suis viril fin pas une fillette :) Je cherche plutôt les beaux gosses :) j'ai 18 ans et je me découvre alors envoyez moi un message pour en savoir plus sur moi ;) j...

Gay Disabled Dating DISABLED MATCHMAKING Disabled Matchmaking is a very straightforward online dating site for the disabled community.

The goal of the site is to connect individuals with disabilities who are looking for friendship, romance, companionship and more.

I’ve always experienced very, very strict vetting to the extent of images not violating any guidelines rejected; furthermore in the past few days it’s come to my attention that there seems to be an abundance of guys out there that get a free pass and are exempt of certain regulations...

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long story short picture rejected 6 times so far, and they do reserve the right to crop at their discretion yet no...

Disabled Dating Connexion has changed from a dating site for the Disabled community into a unique disabled dating directory.

Whether the connection is between two gay men dealing with disabilities, or the connection is between a single gay disabled man and someone accepting of his disability, the goal is the same. Whether your are gay and disabled, or you are gay and open to dating someone disabled, this is the site for you.

If interested, click below to visit Gay Disabled Dating.

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