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I whispered into her ears "Can I feel your breasts? She was abit shocked at that also, and I told her if she would roll up her jeans to her knees. "To my surprise, she unzipped her jeans and opened it.."Please, lick me!

I ran my tongue around her kneecap and she was moaning immediately. " I knew she was now so aroused she wanted everything.

I offered to bring her out for supper, she said it's OK because she lived at a very ulu place.

I was so curious to meet her, I said I don't mind..turns out she lived in Jurong West Extension, about the furthest west possible housing estate in Singapore..drove all the way to pick her up under her block.

Damn uncomfortable and cramped.really enjoyable if not for the fact a cute girl was massaging me.

After 10mins, I told her I was feeling much better and I will massage her back for her.

I spread her legs open and up and went to lick her pussy.I told her that I wouldn't mind getting sucked in return for licking her if she doesn't mind it. I thought I offended her.2 days later, I saw her online again and we continued chatting late into the night.Seems like she didn't even remembered my indecent proposal to her. I told her to go cook some noodles or go downstairs to buy supper.said there's neither of those where she lives.She immediately said "No, what if somebody see us go there? We adjusted the front seats to horizontal position and she said she'll massage me first.I tried laying facedown and she massaged my shoulders...

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