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During the eighteenth century a literary and cultural rebirth of the language occurred which further helped to solidify national identity and create ethnic pride among the Welsh.Central to Welsh culture is the centuries-old folk tradition of poetry and music which has helped keep the Welsh language alive.Wales is very mountainous and has a rocky, irregular coastline with numerous bays, the largest of which is Cardigan Bay to the west.The Cambrian Mountains, the most significant range, run north-south through central Wales.Tales that had traditionally been handed down orally were recorded, both in Welsh and English, and a new generation of Welsh writers emerged. Wales is a part of the United Kingdom and is located in a wide peninsula in the western portion of the island of Great Britain.

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Ferns, mosses, and grasslands as well as numerous wooded areas cover Wales.

Oak, mountain ash, and coniferous trees are found in mountainous regions under 1,000 feet (300 meters).

Welsh epic poetry can be traced back to the sixth century reflect a literary and cultural awareness from an early point in Welsh history.

Although there were many factors affecting the Welsh language, especially contact with other language groups, the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries marked a dramatic decline in the number of Welsh speakers, as many non-Welsh people, attracted by the industry that had developed around coal mining in the south and east, moved into the area.

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