Friend dating my ex quotes who is theresa wayman dating

Marian is friends with multiple women who’ve dated one of her exes.“I do feel a certain connection to them — I think they are great — and clearly he has great taste in women,” she says.The sole hiccup was Mike, which, when I was being honest with myself, felt a little asinine.

I met Kellie shortly after moving to Atlanta, a city where a big-time ex of mine also resided.

They weren’t enemies, necessarily, but they would never be my friends.

But I liked Kellie enough that it forced me to see the obvious: We shared a common thread.

Slowly we moved beyond cordial acquaintanceship, peeling off from the larger conversations around us to talk about our many common interests (she was similarly obsessed with the now-defunct “Professor Blastoff” podcast, too! We were careful not to burn him in a verbal effigy; instead, what developed was a very human, emotionally rewarding exchange of personal experiences.

We were able to offer each other insight that none of our other friends could — because we got it.

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