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In 2004-05, a link was placed on the American Cancer Society (ACS) website for smokers who wanted help in quitting via the Internet.The link led smokers to the Quit Link study website, where they could answer eligibility questions, provide informed consent, and complete the baseline survey.For example, low-income adults are more likely to be uninsured and live in public housing.

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The purpose of this study is to describe long-term smoking cessation rates associated with 6 different Internet-based cessation services and the variation among them, to test the hypothesis that interactive and tailored Internet services yield higher long-term quit rates than more static Web-posted assistance, and to explore the possible effects of level of site utilization and a self-reported indicator of depression on long-term cessation rates.Follow-up surveys done online and via telephone interviews at approximately 13 months after randomization yielded 2468 respondents (38%) and found no significant overall quit rate differences among those assigned to the different websites (P = .15).At baseline, 1961 participants (30%) reported an indicator of depression.According to the CDC, 37.8 million adults in the US smoke cigarettes, and most of us probably know one of them. It didn’t bother me when we started dating, but eventually I didn’t enjoy being around the smoke and smell.That’s just not who I am, and I didn’t want to make him stop or change who he is.

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