Frederick speed dating

Frederick is a fashion and beauty photographer, and Uyen, who migrated from Vietnam, is a nail salon owner.

We firmly believe the world becomes a little happier every time an Asian and Black couple finds love! During that time, Uyen was working at a nail salon which Fred visited from time to time.

We are very happy to introduce you to Frederick, African American, and his beautiful girlfriend, Uyen, Vietnamese.

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One really smart thing that Frederick did when he was in LA is that he would occasionally keep in touch with Uyen’s brother and sister.We’re all a little more comfortable with intuitive loving than we are with intuitive living–using intuition for our everyday life and career choices.Yet we can tap into this portal of sacred guidance whenever we open our hearts.It’s the voice whispering in your ear, and the nudge you often ignore in deference to being practical.It’s our right-brain, expanded consciousness guiding our journey as planned. It’s your dreamy, gut feeling, creativity– the part of you that knows the truth but doesn’t know why it’s true. Robert Graves, an English poet, scholar, and novelist, said, “Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer.” Intuition can navigate you successfully toward finding true love as effortlessly as a dream in the night.

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