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QQ is a feature rich messaging service that even has its own currency “QQ Coin” that can be used to acquire in app items.QQ has a built in translator, gaming features and allows video messaging.Often used to share images instantly with friends, colleagues and family – Whats App is a free alternative to text messaging or Facebook Messenger.Loved by many for the ability to share images, texts and even make calls instantly for free.To download QZone you can visit the QZone subdomain of the QQ website.Tencent is worth 7.8 billion and is a big player in the tech sphere.

It provides an online space where you can share content from any area of your life and others can get involved by liking, commenting, sharing and planning.

The gifs, videos and images on Imgur are always up to date and great fun.

Imgur is known as the: Originally created for i Phone as an image sharing platform, Instagram is now cross platform and owned by Facebook.

We Chat can be used for all of the normal messenger features like video chat, text and image sharing.

Additionally We Chat can be used for making mobile purchases.

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