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This helps to expand, and more importantly, to diversify the membership pool so members can enjoy meeting new gentlemen and women whom they have not yet encountered in their elite, global, social sphere. We screen not only for physical attractiveness and accomplishments, but also for internal attractiveness, character and personality.

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Someone who brings a smile to her face at the mere thought of him…SEI Club is a members club that specializes in luxury services for the ultra-affluent and exceptionally beautiful elite.Initial screening criteria includes physical attractiveness and fitness, positive moral values, a balanced, well-adjusted, optimistic outlook, and a well-rounded, single who is accomplished and a winner in every way (mentally, emotionally, physically)…someone with whom you can enjoy a healthy, meaningful, beautiful relationship, partnership and intimacy.— With all the dating websites, what makes your website different from the others?is the official website of the private, international members club, SEI Club.We honor our members as it is a true joy and privilege to facilitate fun, meaningful, lasting relationships for them.Experience for yourself a service of obvious distinction.—We Preserve Your Privacy: Given the high caliber and social status of SEI Club members, here at SEI Club elite dating we protect your privacy throughout your entire elite dating experience.

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