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A lot of people are very judgmental of age-gap – and while it is more common to see older men with younger women than the opposite, many would say that I actually participate in creating this mentality.

I personally don’t see it that way, but I understand the reasoning.

However, it quickly transpired that while I get along with people my age, none of them seemed to offer what I looked for in a relationship.

Now that I think about it with a little more perspective, I think the real difference is simply that no other person, regardless of age, gender, or ear shape, could offer what I was looking for then – or now.

That is why I guess most people have had or striven for the attention of a younger partner at least once in their life.

Young girls today are always bombarded with information on the difference in maturity levels, and how if we wish to date men, we should probably be dating someone a few years older than us – as only then would we be at the same maturity level.

Article 4, General obligations sub a, b and c CRPD 1.

I am currently in a relationship with a partner much younger than I am.

I guess the big question hanging is whether s/he is genuinely in love (as malleable as the term is) or it is just a fling, done out of curiosity.

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