Erotic ai chat bot

Makes me wanna leave all the bots and bods behind and go swing in a tropical hammock in Roatan where I can’t get a stable wireless signal to save myself…heh.

Some show humanity ascending with hope and promise, others pose tough ethical quandries and feel like we’re even devolving in some ways…Figure for every teen swigging alcopops and energy drinks in wannabe style, there’s another buying into the beer-n-babes positioning, taking cues from this Heineken ‘hiney’ messaging on how to treat, view and ogle females.”My Thoughts On Sex Robots by Dan Jubelirer (published on Amplify Jan 12, 2010) On last nights’ show, Colbert covered the invention of a sex robot that has touch sensors and the ability to download different personalities.(Note, the above video above is short and hilarious, please watch it.Here are my thoughts on sex robots: It takes the human joy of sexuality out of sexual intercourse, and it is not a healthy form of sexual expression.Having sex with a simulation of a woman is not an ok substitute for having sex with someone you respect.

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