Do men play mind games dating

It’s a great way to kill your self-esteem and keep you off guard. Call him out on his crap and force him to apologize. The idea is to make you fall for him and when you want to leave, your friends and family turn against you for wanting to leave such a perfect guy. If your friends and family are choosing him over you, it’s time to find better people in your life. We all have this tendency to go after the guy who doesn’t seem to care. The idea is to make you look like the bad one by subtly pushing all your buttons until you finally explode. He flirts with other women in front of you to show you he has other options. It’s his time and if he turns out to be a jerk later, you’re still going to dump him.

We love that nonchalant attitude – it’s the classic bad boy scenario. They get to act like you don’t matter and you eat it up. He seems like the victim when all along, he’s the one orchestrating the whole thing. Nothing will piss him off worse and throw him off his game than showing him he can’t play your emotions so easily. The idea is to make you do more for him in order to keep him by your side. It’s only okay if you’re not in a relationship yet. They see how wonderful he is and constantly tell you how lucky you are. It doesn’t matter how much he cozies up to those you love. When a guy realizes you’re way out of his league, he might start giving you backhanded compliments.

Explain you prefer more communication and a direct approach from the people you date.

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Sometime back in the 1960s, a psychiatrist called Eric Berne popularized a new form of therapy called transactional analysis.

Instead of apologizing, he blames you for putting it too close to the edge of the shelf. While women are still far better at this classic mind game, men are getting the hang of it pretty well. He gets what he wants by playing your emotions and making you feel guilty for something. You can’t feel guilty if you know you’re right to begin with. Believe it or not, some men love getting you angry so they can use your outbursts against you.

The idea of this game is to blame you and get you to apologize for what he did wrong. He’ll pretend to be everything you want until he has you hooked. He’ll still be perfect in front of your friends and family. They might use it as a guilt trip or as part of the blame game.

To win, dump him and let him have his other options. It could be trying new things in bed, doing his hobbies or giving him time with the guys. You might refuse to do something so he counters with stories about his exes. He’s afraid you’ll dump him for someone hotter or better.

Of course, you could always flirt with other men first and remind him what’s he’s losing before you say goodbye. You’ll often see this one played alongside the perfect guy game. The whole idea is to guilt you into doing whatever he wants. Only do things with him if it’s something you want to do. He might tell you how she loved his hobbies or did that special something in bed. When a man makes more of an effort to get close to your family and friends than he does you, watch out. The idea is to subtly kill your self-esteem so you find him more attractive and think you couldn’t possibly do any better. Crystal Crowder Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger.

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