Did bill maher dating superhead Chat honey 88 pressath

Maher has fallen hard for Huffington, says sources.

Maher and Arianna have been friends for years, but now the pair have started what seems to be a serious romance, say their pals. “Bill has done his share of running around with ‘Playboy’ cuties and girls half his age, but now he feels like he’s found his soul mate.” The hot new media couple first went public with their romance at a Hollywood party thrown recently by British film director Henry Jaglom.

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Former Bill Maher girlfriend stated that Bill has promised a lot of things for her, like becoming the father of her children, helping her financially and purchasing a home in Beverly Hills for her.

They stated that he is a famous bachelor and is single and that he has never promised to marry her or have children with her.

After this and losing in the court former Bill Maher girlfriend began a campaign in order to humiliate him and get money from him.

”, print edition, February 22, 2010] Reasons why I don’t believe it: Bill can “swear off” as many 20-something models as he wants, but the man has a type, and Arianna isn’t it.

Also, I don’t believe it because they would make too much sense together.

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