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What Dan Larimer did was say “I have a philosophy that this tradeoff profile is acceptable, so I am going to take old ideas and make them new.” Cardano differs from EOS because rather than making a concession in the tradeoff profile, Hoskinson wants to move that profile all together, and the team has been using a scientific method of research that has a slower go-to-market strategy than other projects.Hoskinson notes that his team aims to build a blockchain from the ground up: “What we’ve done with Cardano is start with asking ourselves what a blockchain is.Does proof of work actually make a blockchain secure?Is there a way to build Po S with the exact same outcome?As an industry we need to stop thinking about vendor lock-in, and start thinking about contracts above the platforms.You don’t need to create a moat around your business – for example Amazon Web Services doesn’t lock you in.

In an ideal Po S environment, any token holder can secure the network proportionally to the amount of tokens they hold, but to make the EOS blockchain more efficient, Larimer decided that the community would delegate 21 block producers through dynamic on-chain voting to make decisions and process blocks for the platform.We need to say our developer experience, privacy, and operations are better than our competitors.At the end of the day this about putting power to the edges, and [remember] these are not products of companies, and one day, some way, somehow, I will […] not be working on Cardano.Poker is a fair game and there is conservation of value, but you don’t care about every hand you’ve ever played dating back 7 years with time stamping and immutability – this is too high of a burden [for a blockchain].Inventors of TCCIP had no idea about wifi or 4G or other layers we have today, but their protocol is the bedrock for these technologies because of the design.

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