Daughter dating advice

ou’ve seen it in the movies or on TV: the sweet, innocent daughter is busy studying for classes, spending time with her family, and volunteering at the local animal shelter.The greasy-haired, tattoo-covered guy has dropped out of high school or college and spends his day driving around in his sleek car. Most of us haven’t experienced this sort of extreme, but it’s still very common for parents to find their older teens and adult children pursuing friendships and relationships with people they don’t approve of.So, I spoke to some dads who shared their essential dating advice for all daughters. Fledgling daters and those of us who've been to the circus many times before might be well aware that many men, regardless of age, education, social class, ethnicity and religion, just have a different way of communicating.Here's the best dating advice your dad never gave you: Aww, remember the days? Women generally like to talk things out, to the bottom of a situation or problem. Whether their intents are good or bad, they just aren't as comfortable diving in to the wild waters of talking about feelings, so they stay on the shore and build sandcastles to impress us instead.2.He might not have been thinking of the standards his teenage daughter should set for the guys she dates, but the song is an ode to the kind of love every girl deserves.I think he's saying that romance, more than gifts of flowers or jewelry or fancy dinners, is best displayed by the man who shows you he loves you by being there for you--by supporting you, by being reliable, by going out of his way for you--by actually loving you.If you're not OK with the guy's behavior, activities, attitude, family values, religion, etc.

I'd say he's been a solid advice giver throughout the years, but one subject he never touched on--or went near--was dating.

" "He yells at me all the time, but that's because I know how to push his buttons." These excuses oftentimes come at the expense of your own sanity, however. Almost all of the dads I interviewed said "Don't settle" in some way.

The bottom line is that a man will show you if he is worthy of dating you by his actions, and to date someone who continually displays that he's "too [insert excuse adjective here]" to be good to you, is to do yourself a huge disservice. One dad touchingly added: "There is a man out there who loves who you are, and how you look, every minute of the day." Being single can be a gloriously freeing and liberating experience, but sometimes, it really sucks. ) Patience is a virtue that's hard to come by, but our dads would ache to see us lowering our standards for the sake of companionship for companionship's sake.4.

We all know how we should and want to be treated, but sometimes it helps to hear it from a dad.

What's the best piece of dating advice you've ever gotten from your dad?

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