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The unit is also fully radio controlled as standard, with quick-set times inbuilt with sequential start-up.

Now increasing use of modern equipment has helped improve operational efficiency, with a new Sandvik QE341 scalper / screen being a highly prized addition to the production process.We could only really choose Sandvik, above all for the quality of the machines and then for our relationship with CGT, a relationship established over time and dating with me personally 30 years.We place so much emphasis on our relationship that now our quarries only use CAT machines.Located in the marble basin of Fantiscritti, they are capable of producing annually an amount equal to about 60,000 tons of marble blocks, rising to 100,000 tons through commercial connections with affiliated companies such as the Major Excavation Fantiscritti Marmi srl Scarl and E. In order to supply such a prestigious and valuable resource, the marble has to be extracted precisely.This quarrying of the marble is explained by William Vennai Sp A head of excavation, Pau Abbot: "The cultivation (of the marble) takes place under the open sky and underground.

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