Dating watchtower

Historian Suresh Moona says: “While the general belief is that the towers marked boundaries, our studies show that they were built more from a security standpoint.” During that time, people from neighbouring villages coming to Bengaluru for better prospects made it more vulnerable to security threats.

“The tower was modified between 19 without altering the base and four supporting pillars to give it a temple tower look.” Lalbagh’s Zoological Stint In the 1860, Lalbagh housed a black panther, a populated Deer Paddock, tigers and kangaroos. The following year, JP Sanderson, superintendent of the Mysore Khedda operations, bought a male orangutan from Sumatra for Rs 1000.

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In 1874, when British poet Edward Lear visited Lalbagh, he called it the ‘Kew of India’, comparing it to the world’s largest botanical garden located in London.Called ‘Apeman’, it became a popular resident of the zoological garden.The bubonic plague of 1898 also killed many animals in the gardens. The Glass House, the epicentre of the flower show, was built in 1889 to commemorate the visit of Albert Victor, grandson of Queen Victoria and former Prince of Wales.Lalbagh was visited by various luminaries and heads of State, including Mahatma Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth II, Indira Gandhi and Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan. Prabhas Chandra Ray, commissioner, horticulture department, said, “A mobile application (called Flipp AR) is being developed to provide detailed audio information of Lalbagh, including its heritage buildings.” Changing the way the botanical garden is experienced, several technology-led heritage hunts are being organised around Lalbagh.For example: the selfguided heritage hunt app Sparrowz has over 5500 downloads since its August 2016 launch.

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