Dating violence jeopardy game

Dave Wingerson, one of the program's counselors, said such programs can make a difference in people's lives.“Twenty years ago, domestic violence was something that was in the shadows,” he said.Millions of men, women and children suffer around the world because of domestic violence.But by getting to know this plague of human kind we can help prevent it for the future and make the lives of many people better.The student group and crime watch program presented housewares and personal items collected during a recent drive in the borough for Center for Victims.Norelli said the Glassport Senior Citizens Center, Glassport Development Corp.Other topics included things to do or not to do in a relationship, and dating violence statistics.

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Check out these sample questions and get a quick idea: How many of the murders of women around the world are committed by domestic partners?

SCENARIO: Find the best solution: Ive been talking to the really cute girl for two weeks. I dont want to send one to her, but I really like her.

Hired in September of 1988, this amazing woman has been working at Steps to End Domestic Violence for almost 30 years.

Our online domestic violence trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top domestic violence quizzes.

It is one of the darker aspects of our society nowadays.

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