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The renovation project aims to transform the historical house into a modern apartment.

For the renovation of the four old houses, all the original wooden structure is preserved with simple reinforcement and restoration.

His advice would persuade Hye-seon to pursue acting first. BUT WOW IN ANGEL EYES, IT'S LIKE A NEW AN IMPROVED GOO HYE SUN. I'm waiting for your new drama series with lee min ho. and my idol director, actress,singer, writer etc....... Also, she made me laugh a lot when she agrued with LMH. You two are so adorable , really good to each other a perfect couple ... I'll admit, she's a fine actress and far more diverse than many drama cast members. Hope you could have a movie again with Go Jun Pyo... To dhini (comment #14): Hye-seon Ku did indeed appeared in "August Rush" in a small (I mean small) cameo role.

In 2009, Hye-Sun also branched out into other fields in the art world. really love ur acting skill especially when u are been mischievous. She more of less looking back now seems like almost her real self. I belive u should start doing something productive instead of criticizing others..lastly no one force u to see her act.. guess u must be someone who has nothing better to do.. If wishes were being granted for Christmas, Goo Hye Sun would be at the top of this boy's list. I really love her :) Koo Hye-sun is a force of nature, she is one of the most formidable woman on this planet, with an eager energy for always being in search of new challenges and to try new fields of art. I'd be honored if any wants to visit the fan page that I made about her... Maybe it's the way Miss Koo wears her hair in "Boys Over Flowers," but something makes her eyes seem small and calculating in that role. She reminded me of my little sister, everytime i see her on televison or in pics i want to pinch her cheeks. She is a superb actress and I have recommended her to many of my friends here in Indiana, as well as NJ and Las Vegas, and they too, liked her soooo much. but i don't think she will ever play such a role considering that her wholesomeness always shines.Comparing to the old houses, materials with lighter color are used such as oak wood and light grey terrazzo floor.By boldly introducing the modern design into the historic garden, the juxtaposition of old and new shows an interesting dialogue between the tradition and the modern lifestyle.The design of the courtyard at the entrance also takes inspiration from the classical garden which seeks to recreate natural landscapes in miniature, we transformed the original parking lot into a modern waterscape courtyard with a sunken seating area in the middle of the water, bringing people closer to the nature and creating a unique view and experience.The house renovation project is an experiment and exploration of urban regeneration of historic area, by introducing new and high-quality lifestyle into the old architectures, offers an opportunity for the historic town to revive under the modern context.

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