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I always remember we did “White Room’ as our big number for that night.” [Carl Finkle] There was another band called Unity Theatre — from the George Orwell 1984 book, I believe there was a Unity Theatre in that. David Kirkland was the bass player in Unity Theatre, and he would later on become a DJ, I believe, or roving news reporter, I’m not sure which, for one of the local radio stations.At the time he had the primo job of working at the local donut place, so he could provide the bands with garbage bags full of donuts at the end of the day. Then there was a guy by the name of David Franklin in Unity Theatre who played drums.

[John Mac Leod]: Johnny Mac Leod (guitar), Carl Finkle (organ), Dean Moffatt (vocals), Peter Atkins (guitar), David Kirkland (bass), David Franklin (drums).

[This is the final section of the blog post “how the Queen Street West scene began, pt.

1: the Thornhill sound”] In the rec rooms, bedrooms, and garages of the “Thornhill weirdos,” built upon a foundation of record collecting, TV viewing, and alcohol and drug consumption, emerged a number of musical groups — “bands that lasted days, sometimes months and even years for some of us,” as Martha Johnson remembers — that have been mostly lost to time until now.

I think [Steven] got me involved a lot in starting to play together in small trios.

Like, I [was] in a trio with him, [but] I don’t even know if we had a name. Me and Steven and another guy on drums; I’m not even sure who that was, but I remember that was the first time I played together with an electric guitar.

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