Dating someone with 3 kids

Just like it was new to me to have kids in my life, having another woman in his and his children’s lives was new to him, too.

I wanted him to know that I was supportive of his little family. Whether it’s an ex-wife, ex-girlfriend or ex-one-night stand, there will be another woman in the picture ALWAYS.

I started to develop my own relationship with them and it was really special to me.

This was a great thing, but I also had to keep in mind that if he and I broke up, I’d not only be breaking up with him but with the kids, too.

Once that clicked, I actually found it sexy that he could love someone so much as he does his kids.I honestly found this extremely tough and had to check my jealousy at the door.There were constant reminders of her, not only in the kids themselves but in memories, photos, and so on. It was difficult at first but I had to remember that kids deserve that from a parent. Still, here’s what I wish I’d known about dating a dad before I started: The kids will always come first. If one of them got sick or he needed to be there for them in some way, our life was put on hold.

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