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Ladies and gents in uniform will now have a space of their own.This is a place where they can meet singles, mingle with each other who has the same work and find love--thanks to Uniform Dating. It gives help and networking to those whose professions are on the same fields.This feature lets members of Uniform Dating check their compatibility rate to help gauge if you like each other.The more similarities you have with one another, the higher is your compatibility rate.This policy makes it harder to pinpoint who the real profiles are from the fake ones. It is another barrier to separate real people from fake ones.Most of the members are actively replying when sent something. The best you can do is to rely on the information presented on their profiles.Basic information such as age, gender, nickname, and location are always found on the profile because it is required during sign up.

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These work include pilots, dentists, nurses, doctors, and military personnel.These fields include the military, law enforcement, and community service.The site has over 2 million registered users worldwide and 130,000 Facebook fans.There is also the "Appearance and Lifestyle" section where you can tick boxes and answer simple questions to help you describe yourself.This information is then stored to your profile to enable the "Quiz-Matching" feature.

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