Dating rolex watches by serial number when is it okay to start dating after a divorce

They will be close, but it is quite impossible to know for sure with each individual watch.

The public’s only clue is the date listed on the papers or card on the day it is purchased from an authorized dealer, but even then that is only the date sold new and not the date of manufacture. Rolex subsequently change the serial number system to what are called “Randoms”, or sometimes “Scrambled”.

The years where the serial number begins with a letter will be followed by a 6-digit number.

The Random serial numbers are a mixed combination of 8 numbers and letters with no specific order or reason.

Again, I’d like to mention that this chart is only approximate but will help give you a roundabout year to a Rolex’s year of manufacture.

Kristen is a Rolex expert and enthusiast, with over six years of hands-on experience in the luxury watch industry.

I have therefore compiled a more accurate Rolex serial number database below, for everyone to use, from utilising highly accurate and trusted data.

These did not follow alphabetically, nor did they start on the 1st of January each year – instead starting at different points within a year once all the serials had been used.

A letter prefix was followed by 6 digits – so again giving 1m serials per letter and in the order below.

Like anything Rolex does, I believe it was introduced without formal explanation to the public.

However, I believe the main reason this was done (as well as a lot of other watch experts and gurus) is because the pressure put upon what serial letter it has is unwarranted, thinking it will give an exact year of manufacture to the purchaser when it doesn’t necessarily matter.

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