Dating personality types myers briggs

Intuitive Types, although they do use their five senses, prefer to then develop more insight-driven ideas or opinions, rather than taking the information they perceive purely at face value.

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And we’ll tell you more about exactly how to do that in the next blog next week!

Then one night you casually ask if they know their Myers-Briggs personality type.

You know your Myers-Briggs type (let’s say you have preferences for INFJ), and generally have a good self-awareness around your preferences, strengths and blindspots.

We’ll cover the specific MBTI personality preferences and how they might affect your love life, and then move further into how similarities or differences in certain MBTI types often play out in romantic relationships, and what each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types would probably love the most from a significant other.

Also, for those of you who may be seeing signs of Valentine’s Day around the corner (or hanging on a giant 20 ft.

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