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You know that you can order an escort straight to your door or a hotel.That's not our industry, and continuing to push the expectation is extremely insulting and offensive." Remember that respect matters, Melody says. We are mothers and daughters, sisters and wives, nurses, daycare teachers, doctors, lawyers, chefs, scientists, everything you can imagine, all in addition to being entertainers. We chose to be entertainers because we enjoy it, and because it allows us the freedom and flexibility to enjoy our lives and support our families."There is never any reason to be rude when we initially approach you.We want to talk and spend time with customers, to help make sure everyone is having a good time.It's rude and inconsiderate to the dancer, who is trying to maneuver in seven inch heels." This behavior, she notes, is not only demeaning, but also dangerous for the customer.

I'll talk to a woman all night while her man buys us drinks and buys her dances.When you try to say ‘Hi’ to someone and they immediately throw a hand in your face, interrupt you mid-introduction, or literally tell you to go away before you have the chance to finish your sentence, it's infuriating." Most men would never just grab on girl on the street, but once they get into a strip club, way too many forget that consent still exists."Don't assume you can put your hand around my shoulder or waist. But if a dancer kissed every guy in the room, we would all be in urgent care with some sort of kissing disease, like tonsillitis or strep.If that’s you, there’s no need to take it out on the entertainers, who are literally just trying to make sure everyone has fun."So many times, a group comes in, and there’s that one miserable ‘anti-strip club’ guy, who will be a complete jerk to any girl who attempts to talk to him," Thick says.

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